Table 1. Data sources and the associated abbreviations. the last column states what the data contributed to. Only if ‘species’ was mentioned, new species were added that were not yet in the other data sources. Many sources contribute to validation of species names.

name code source contribution
Barcode of Life Database BOLD species, barcodes, taxonomy
Fauna Europaea FE species, synonyms, taxonomy
Lepiforums Europaliste der Schmetterlinge LF species, synonyms, valid names
World register of marine
WORMS species, synonyms, valid names
FishBase FB (COL)

species, synonyms, valid names
Integrated Taxonomic
Information System
ITIS synonyms, valid names
Catalogue of palearctic
CoPH species, synonyms, valid names
Diversity Taxon Names DTN species, synonyms, valid names
Hymenoptera Information
HySi synonyms, valid names
Systema Diptorum SyDip (COL) synonyms,valid names Syr species
Reptile Database RDB (COL)

species, synonyms, valid names
iNaturalist Germany iNat occurrence



Table 2. Abbreviations of experts who have worked manually on the validation of species names and the recognition of synonyms

name abbreviation
Axel Hausmann (ZSM-SNSB) AH
Elisabeth Stur (NTNU) ES
Elisabeth Stur (NTNU) and Reinhard
Anna Somogyi (HNHM) AS
Balázs Tóth (HNHM) BT
Fabian Deister (ZSM-SNSB) FD
Markus Unsöld (ZSM-SNSB) MU