Terrestrial Field Samplings – High Mountain Systems



Nationalpark Berchtesgaden with location of our Malaise traps and Königssee

As part of the BGE project, 10 malaise traps have been installed along a high-altitude transect (H1 to H5) with five stages (2 replicates each, A and B) and are emptied weekly from May to September in 2023. In Germany, this takes place in the national park Berchtesgaden in Bavaria at 800 m, 1000 m, 1200 m, 1400 m and 1600 m.



Aim of this task is the sampling of terrestrial habitats, aiming at filling gaps in barcode libraries of prioritised groups, and developing metabarcoding biomonitoring workflows. Specimen sampling will focus on pollinators (6,000 specimens) and species of management significance (2,100 specimens) of 2,700 species. Community sampling for biomonitoring will focus on pollinator communities (450 sites), ecological restoration (50 sites), ecological intensification (30 sites), and climate change in mountains (40 sites).


The traps from 800 m to 1,400 m were set on 25 April 2023. At 1,400 m there was still snow. The traps at 1,600 m could therefore only be set one month later.


Partner institutions participating in this task